Teacher Personal Flag Ideas?

Answer Having students create and share personal flags can be a great way to encourage a child to think about and share his unique identity. It can also be a fun way to learn about the concept of symboli... Read More »

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Personal Characteristics That Will Make an Effective Teacher?

More than just a wealth of information is required to be an effective teacher. The task of the teacher is to teach students, not solely to convey information. Therefore, the value of teachers and t... Read More »

How to Write a Personal Code of Ethics for a Teacher?

Writing, and then following, a set personal ethic codes for your life can make the difference between having and maintaining a morally stable life and getting in trouble. According to the American ... Read More »

How to Prepare a Personal Statement as a Teacher's Assistant?

A teacher's assistant is generally employed by school districts, private educational centers and childcare centers as an aide to a classroom teacher. A teacher's assistant's duties can vary through... Read More »

Flag Tattoo Ideas?

Flags come in many shapes and sizes. Some flags symbolize a particular group or nation, while others serve a practical purpose, such as a checkered flag in an auto race. You can get a tattoo of a f... Read More »