Tea instead of coffee?

Answer I don't know about tea,I only know about coffee,but coffee has been known to help in diets,and there has been a craze for "Green Coffee Bean Extract" lately,from the Dr. Oz show,one thing for sure ... Read More »

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What can l drink instead of coffee?

Flavoured water ...I started drinking those recently and have less headaches now

Adding coffee instead of water?

yes you can, its down to individual taste

What to use instead of milk in coffee?

You can slowly decrease the amount of milk you put into your coffee until your using none. Also check the ingredients in the product called Silk.

Why does coffee put me to sleep instead of keep me up?

Relaxation from stimulants is one of the physiological indicators of ADHD. All the meds they use to treat this condition are SPEED, pure speed. May not be the only reason. Caffeine often helps peop... Read More »