Tea, Coffee, anyone And what would you like to go with it?

Answer I would like Pancakes and bacon. Light Maple syrup... extra butter... 4 peices of crispy, not burnt bacon. 3 spoonfuls of sugar and extra non-fat cream with my coffee... SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED and a... Read More »

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Coffee/Smoothie Cafe. Would fresh coffees & smoothies pull you in off the street, & what would U like &expect?

First good luck to you in your venture...and gathering information...You mentioned young dudes...i don't qualify but used to work in a bookstore/coffeeshop and it was the best job in the world!When... Read More »

Good Morning the kettle is boiled what type of coffee would you like?

Could a 14-year-old who lives in North Carolina with their mom all the time but would like to spend alternate weeks with their dad tell the judge that is how they would like the custody to be divided?

Answer Yes, a child of 14 could request to speak to the judge in private to explain how they feel.There is no guarantee, however, that the judge would grant the child's request, as custodial decis... Read More »

Would you know anyone who would like a beer dispenser?