Tax Tips for Parents of Adult Dependent Children?

Answer Claiming an adult dependent will reduce your taxable income by $3,650, as of 2010, if the dependent meets either qualifying child or qualifying relative criteria. Claiming an adult child will also ... Read More »

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Do illegitimate adult children have the right to know who their biological parents are?

Once your sister died, her husband (now her widower) ceased to be your brother-in-law in a formal sense, although if there is a bond between you there is nothing to prevent you from calling him you... Read More »

What do "birth" parents owe their (adopted) adult children?

Dear Sunny,I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but here is what I feel "owe" my children:*The TRUTH about everything. I'm pretty sure they haven't heard it from their APs. (I have kept everything... Read More »

Have any adopted adult children ever discovered that, once your adoptive parents died, formerly loving?

Interesting question.My extended adoptive family, all except for one aunt and uncle (well, they were actually my adad's cousins but we always thought of them as more of aunt and uncle), never reall... Read More »

Are parents responsible for adult children's medical bills if they have medical insurance on them?

Answer No. Insurance, and Responsible party are two different obligations. Insurance is just a service. Responsibilty to pay is owed by anyone over the age of 18, the legal gaurdian that signs for ... Read More »