Tax Information for the Newly Divorced & Unemployed?

Answer If you are newly divorced and unemployed, there will be some changes to the way you file your tax return, the type of income you report and the deductions for which you are eligible. Therefore, sin... Read More »

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Is a newly divorced wife who receives excellent health insurance from her employer allowed to continue her coverage under husband's similar plan through COBRA for the next 36 months?

What if your unemployed do you still have to pay an income tax?

Yes it is possible that you could be unemployed and still be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return and pay some income taxes.If you are receiving unemployment compensation and have any ... Read More »

I am currently claiming jsa and am unemployed?

I've been in the same position as you for a while. The job centre are absolutely terrible. If you go to college your benefits ARE cut off, thats what i was told. I got a job that turned out to be a... Read More »

How to Help an Unemployed Person?

These days when unemployment is so rampant, anybody could be the next one who got the pink slip due to company's cost saving lost to global competition. If we are still holding a job, no matter how... Read More »