Tax Deductions for Nurses?

Answer As a nurse, some deductions specific to your profession can help you to decrease the total amount of money you have to pay in taxes. Be careful to include only what is allowed by the IRS and to hav... Read More »

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Day-to-Day problems faced by Nurses in rendering flawless healthcare services. Things that bother the Nurses?

What bothers me is the rapidly approaching nursing shortage. Our workload and job demands are increasing. Patients in the hospital are sicker than they were even 5 years ago and individual patients... Read More »

Different Tax Deductions?

Knowing what tax deductions are available can result in lower tax liability. It is also important to know how to qualify for deductions, since many have strict criteria. Most deductions are availab... Read More »

How Many Deductions Should I Take on My W4?

Topical hydrocortisone, an over-the-counter medication, comes in many forms, including ointment, liquid, gel, spray, cream and medicated towelettes. It relieves itching, redness, dryness, inflammat... Read More »

Why are there tax deductions for children?

Raising children is an expensive undertaking. The expense can be partly offset by tax deductions that are provided by the federal government. Several types of tax deductions and credits are availab... Read More »