Tattoos & Piercings With Diabetes?

Answer Diabetics can get tattoos and body piercings if they exercise caution and common sense. In fact, diabetics may choose to have their medical information permanently inked on themselves as a fail-saf... Read More »

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Tattoos OR Piercings?

I'll take you to get both ;Di have 6 tattoosI'll go there I have so many English contacts to do lol

Would this be too much Piercings/tattoos?

that doesnt sound like alot but make sure you get the piercings a couple months apart , also the tattoos tooyupp, thats a beauty of retainers and long sleeve/high collared clothing , can always hi... Read More »

How many tattoos and piercings do you have if any?

2 piercings one each ear. normal....and.4 tattoos

How many tattoos and piercings do you have?

Why would you be called a freak, there's nothing wrong with that!I have 25 piercings and 15 tattoos.With plans of getting more of each.