Tattoos & Piercings With Diabetes?

Answer Diabetics can get tattoos and body piercings if they exercise caution and common sense. In fact, diabetics may choose to have their medical information permanently inked on themselves as a fail-saf... Read More »

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Only for people with tattoos and/or piercings!?

I have my tattoo on the right. For some reason it just felt right there. There are other tattoos I want, and placement is generally on the right.I did want a lip piercing, but I would of put it on ... Read More »

Real experiences with tattoos/piercings & jobs?

Here we go. I work for a placement agency placing people in IT and Business jobs (recruiter). My boss lives and works in St. Louis, so she only sees me about 5 or 6 times a year. The last time s... Read More »

Why do people mutilate their bodies with piercings and tattoos?

Well being a Roman Catholic I have to agree. Why do people put too much on they're wonderfully created bodies? Well I personally like piercings on ears, and the bridge of the nose. Tattoo's, well i... Read More »

Do you associate tattoos and piercings with people you think are druggies, or dirty in some way?

No, don't be stupid, most people I know that take drugs haven't got tattoos or piercings and hold down high powered jobs, they aren't as nice as the family of tattooed and pierced people I know, so... Read More »