Tattoo havers, which is more painful, in your opinion, a tattoo on your wrist or your ankle?

Answer I have both. I must say that the wrist one wasn't pleasant when the artist got close to my hand, but it also wasn't unbearable. My ankle tattoo didn't hurt much at all.Now, if you're a "tattoo new-... Read More »

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Is it really THAT painful to get a tattoo?

Well it is really painful to get a tatoo especially when someone is too skinny. The most painful place is definetly on areas were the bones stand out the most like the area around your ribcage. The... Read More »

Inner wrist tattoo placement help?

The tattoos I have on my wrists are upside down to me, so the first word is on my right hand, so it would be readable by someone else. Also because I'm right handed so it felt like that one should ... Read More »

How to Cover Up a Wrist Tattoo?

Tattoos are a form of self-expression and a way to exercise individuality. A tattoo is a commitment to a piece of art that could be on your body forever. If you have a tattoo on your wrist, there w... Read More »

Tattoo Ideas for the Wrist?

The wrists are popular body parts for receiving tattoos as they can be easily covered up by clothing, wrist bands and bracelets, but still provide you with the tattoo you've always wanted. Wrist ta... Read More »