Tattoo going up your back!?

Answer Hi!I'm glad you're able to wait till your older! That's very mature of you.Usually, back tattoos do not hurt as much as a chest piece or foot piece would.My friend got a tattoo on her upper back an... Read More »

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Whole back tattoo?

What matters is what you think about it,& that it's something that you love & will continue to love for many years to come.I'd give it a whole lot of thought before you do it,& look at many designs... Read More »

Should I allow my son to get a lower back tattoo?

Yes, you say, "SON, you can get a tattoo, but I get to pick it."Be sure to pick out some genetalia for his lower back.PROBLEM SOLVED

If you get a back tattoo does that mean you can't get an epidural?

I have a back tattoo....I had an no it doesn't matter

Back Tattoo Ideas for Women?

The back is the largest surface of the body for tattoo decoration, making it an ideal canvas. The lower back offers a lot of horizontal space, making it a nice location for certain designs. The low... Read More »