Tattoo going up your back!?

Answer Hi!I'm glad you're able to wait till your older! That's very mature of you.Usually, back tattoos do not hurt as much as a chest piece or foot piece would.My friend got a tattoo on her upper back an... Read More »

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How to Design Your Own Lower Back Tattoo?

Your lower back is a popular tattoo canvas because it can accommodate a large decorative tattoo that you can easily conceal. Popular lower back tattoos for women include a butterflies, flowers, vin... Read More »

Why do you people have to point out that,at 80 your tattoo(s) are going to look bad?

i can picture it now... me, my partner and all our 80 yr old friends playing cards and having a cup of tea. reminiscing about all our tattoos. Telling the story behind the butterfly on their right ... Read More »

Is a tattoo on the middle of your lower back slutty?

They are called tramp stamps, but either way i dont think that where you get art on your body can lable you as a slut.

Does gettin a tattoo on your back hurt?