Tattoo Removal Instructions?

Answer For some, getting a tattoo is a lifelong way to commemorate youth, show rebellion or express individuality. Most people take care in selecting a tattoo because a tattoo is practically permanent. Ho... Read More »

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Tattoo Removal?

There are all kinds of motivations behind tattoo removal. Often, people get tattoos in their youth and find them less attractive and less appropriate as they age. estimates that 10 percen... Read More »

Painless Tattoo Removal?

Everyone has a pain threshold, so what might be described as painful by one person could be considered simply uncomfortable by another. There are many methods of removing tattoos and many opinions ... Read More »

Tattoo Removal, help!?

Don't beat yourself up over a past decision like a tattoo. 2 options for removal are surgical excision or laser treatments. Each have their pros & cons. Black ink on fair to medium untanned skin t... Read More »

Variot Tattoo Removal?

People have been regretting tattoos and trying to remove them for centuries. Historians have traced the earliest tattoo removal cream to 54 A.D. In 1888, French physician Variot G. Nouveau discover... Read More »