Tattoo Ideas for a Husband & Wife?

Answer True love is permanent, and so are tattoos. Some couples decide they want to demonstrate their love by choosing tattoos that symbolize their unions. There are many concepts to consider and design... Read More »

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Gift Ideas for Husband & Wife?

On special occasions such as an anniversary or Christmas, it is appropriate to buy a husband and wife a gift they can share. Celebrate the couple's uniqueness with a present that represents their p... Read More »

If military husband filed for divorce which is pending and military wife has moved on and is now pregnant could wife be punished with UCMJ?

If she got pregnant by someone else before the divorce was finalised, she could be. I'm not a lawyer, and never was, but, from what I've seen, if the pregnancy occurred after divorce papers were fi... Read More »

Husband is not a marine yet but soon will be. I am active duty air force and I have a job that's at EVERY base. I work in finance.Can a marine husband and air force wife be stationed with each other?

It's a dodgy prospect even if you're married and in the same military branch; it's worse if one is a Marine and the other isn't. The military has made great strides since my wife and I (we were bo... Read More »

Can husband suck wife breast?

sure we did it when my baby couldn`t and I needed to keep my suplly up