Tattoo Ideas for Your Waist?

Answer Choosing the right spot on your body for your tattoo can be tricky. If you don’t already have a great deal of tattoos, you may have racked your brain on the ideal design and proper place to stamp... Read More »

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Ideas for a Tattoo to Symbolize Your Kids?

When a baby is born, parents try many ways to maintain the memories of how small and fragile he is. Pictures, baby books and memory journals are used often to create fond memories, but some parents... Read More »

Tattoo havers, which is more painful, in your opinion, a tattoo on your wrist or your ankle?

I have both. I must say that the wrist one wasn't pleasant when the artist got close to my hand, but it also wasn't unbearable. My ankle tattoo didn't hurt much at all.Now, if you're a "tattoo new-... Read More »

Waist size: I gain 1-2 inches in my waist?

I think it's a good idea to eat several small meals per day as you do instead of 2 big ones, but maybe you should write down when you eat and keep a sort of food diary with you and don't eat when y... Read More »

Can getting your spleen removed make your waist smaller?