Tattoo Ideas for Remembering People?

Answer Memorial tattoos offer a permanent and, yes, slightly painful way to remember a lost loved one. Whether you are covered in ink from head to toe or if loss has inspired you to design your first tatt... Read More »

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Why do people feel this way about children remembering things?

Ya I don't understand that.I think that things like disneyland...should be delayed until the child is old enough to actually participate...I don't understand the point of bringing a 9 month old to ... Read More »

Why do people judge people with tattoo's so poorly?

anyone who judges another does so because putting someone else down makes them feel better about them self. a person with a tattoo is no different then a person without one. if I was walking down... Read More »

Why are there so many people on here saying, "think what your tattoo will look like when you are 80!"?

I agree with you, it's annoying. To cre8mean- just because we are tattooed doesn't mean we are stupid. We understand people ask this question because tattoo will fade, stretch, and wrinkle with us ... Read More »

Why do you people have to point out that,at 80 your tattoo(s) are going to look bad?

i can picture it now... me, my partner and all our 80 yr old friends playing cards and having a cup of tea. reminiscing about all our tattoos. Telling the story behind the butterfly on their right ... Read More »