Tattoo Ideas With White Ink?

Answer Many people refrain from getting tattooed on body parts in plan view to the public, as not to risk getting in trouble at work and/or dirty looks from passersby. White ink tattoos, because they are ... Read More »

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Can you get a white tattoo?

White ink can be a bit hit or miss. Firstly, you need to have incredibly fair skin for it even to show. Secondly, it can turn yellow with age. I wanted a white ink tattoo and my tattooist talked me... Read More »

White Ink Tattoo Information?

White ink tattoos are growing in popularity. Many body art aficionados find them subtle and striking. However, the ink in white tattoos has several disadvantages. Does this Spark ... Read More »

Can you tattoo white ink over black ink?

White ink can be tattooed over black ink, but white pigment is generally only used as a highlight color. White ink will not cover a tattoo with black ink and will sometimes gradually fade into a pa... Read More »

About small white bumps on tattoo ?