Tattoo Gun Information?

Answer Professional tattoo artist's most important tool is their tattoo machine. Known to amateurs as the slang term "tattoo gun" ; this tool is complex, needs constant maintenance and the artist must pos... Read More »

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I need information about my tattoo?

Okay fiest up. Leave the dressing on for 3-4 hours. Remove dressing carefully and wash under warm running water with plain unscented soap pat dry and moisturise with lunscented lotion anything but ... Read More »

White Ink Tattoo Information?

White ink tattoos are growing in popularity. Many body art aficionados find them subtle and striking. However, the ink in white tattoos has several disadvantages. Does this Spark ... Read More »

Cover Up Tattoo Information?

Tattoos have become common place in many cultures and walks of life today. Tattoos, however, can lead to problems landing high-profile jobs, especially in the business community. Some tattoos may b... Read More »

Blacklight Tattoo Information?

Blacklight tattoos are a type of body art that use a special ink that reacts to UV. Under normal light, the tattoo appears almost invisible, but under a UV light (blacklight), the ink glows. Blackl... Read More »