Tasks for Help With Paperwork?

Answer Whether you are running your own business or managing an office, many tasks and objectives are required to be completed each workday. Organizing goals for each category in your line of work will al... Read More »

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Need help with two simple Assembly Language tasks?

I forgot much about ARM, so take all of this with caution. It's quite possible that I have missed some details.Some facts:- stmfd consists of stm (command to store values of multiple registers to m... Read More »

Which home or garden improvement tasks would you like help for, and why?

WEEDS, WEEDS, WEEDS, WEEDS, WEEDS - BE GONE!They are ugly, hurts to look at and step on bare footed. I love walk barefoot on soft cool grass, but WEEDS get you some times. Need them to just disa... Read More »

How to Deal with Mass Quantities of Paperwork?

Overwhelmed with paperwork? This article provides a few simple methods that will help tame the wildest of the piles and set you back on your way to keeping organized. It is a method involving deali... Read More »

Who deals with the paperwork in your household?