Task manager processes, i got too much?

Answer I have Sony Vaio SA and I have 120 process running if you have antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials and all windows updates made, then you should be OK.

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How to Hide Processes From Task Manager?

When you click on the "Processes" tab in the Windows Task Manager, you are given a list of all of the processes that are currently enabled and running on your machine. If you want to clean up this ... Read More »

Which processes should be running in the task manager?

The Windows Task Manager includes a tab for running processes that shows which programs or services are currently operating. It can sometimes include things that do not need to run. Periodically re... Read More »

How to Reduce Processes in Task Manager?

The Task Manager is a Windows utility that shows the current state of the operating system. It can be used to close unnecessary programs and processes that may be using up your system's resources.

How to Clean Up the Task Manager Processes?

Windows operating systems use a program called Windows Task Manager to view actively running processes or programs that you have started, processes that started upon powering on your computer, syst... Read More »