Tang Dynasty Arts & Crafts for Kids?

Answer The Tang Dynasty in ancient China began when General Li Shih-min overthrew the last Sui Dynasty ruler in 618 A.D. This prosperous period ended in 907 A.D. but its legacy is found in sculpture, pain... Read More »

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Sung Dynasty Arts & Crafts for Kids?

The Sung Dynasty was an ornate period of Chinese culture, lasting from 960 to 1279 A.D. The political landscape was unstable but the arts flourished. Landscape painting was very popular and simplic... Read More »

Apple Arts & Crafts for Kids?

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it also can make interesting arts and crafts projects for kids. Whether you are a school teacher sharing autumn-themed lessons for your classroom, or a ... Read More »

Grasslands Arts & Crafts for Kids?

Encourage children to appreciate the wide open spaces and farming opportunities that grasslands provide by completing crafts about these huge pieces of land. Grasslands provide cows, sheep, goats a... Read More »

Medieval Arts & Crafts for Kids?

Few times in history spark little imaginations quite so much as medieval times. With something to please both boys and girls, it is no surprise that even grow-ups enjoy getting in on the fun, and d... Read More »