Tampons Please look at this?

Answer I can tell from your post that you are actually pretty close to your mother. Most daughters would not usually take into consideration their mother's feelings for this matter. Unless your mother has... Read More »

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Look at this please!!!!!!!!!!?

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LOOK THIS IS HELPFUL!!!!! Please! Its for you!?

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Tampons or pads please help?

You have more options than just tampons and pads, both of which can be inconvenient as you have to constantly buy more, have to carry them with you, change every few hours, and sometimes struggle t... Read More »

Can a nurse or a doctor please take a look at this:?

I looked carefully at all your pictures. That is definitely a needle stick gone awry! It looks to me like you have a nasty cellulitis starting and it might turn into a sepsis if you don't see a do... Read More »