Tampons (GIRLS ONLY)?

Answer I used to have this problem. You couldn't insert it because you weren't completely relaxed. Then you tense up, you have a hard time getting it in. The putting your leg on the toilet is a good idea.... Read More »

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Help! Question about tampons girls only!?

First off, it is the vagina. Not where pee comes out, but not where poo does. It is in the middle. I usually put it in right after I use the restroom. Squat a bit and insert gently while attempting... Read More »

GIRLS ONLY!! What do you where during the night, when you have your period, tampons or pads?

i'm actually leaving to hawaii on sunday and lucky me, i got my period. shouldn't prevent you of having any fun. you can try tampons, if you wanna get in the water. or you can find altern... Read More »

Am I the only one who doesn't like wearing tampons?

I'm 15 and I'm the exact same way. Ive used them but if I had to choose , I would definitely choose pads. Are pads comfortable? No. But tampons are WAY More uncomfortable. It's weird knowing that I... Read More »

GIRLS only please im foreal ONLy girls !?