Tampon won't go init feels like there is something in the way?

Answer This is a very common question on here - don't worry! We all had this problem at first.I thought that vaginas went straight up into your body. This isn't true for all women. For some women it's ang... Read More »

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Feels like there is something in my eye but there isn't.?

You have a nano byte in there and someones seeing what you see like big brother watching you from the skys.:p

It feels like theirs something in my eye?

Probably a tiny scratch on the cornea. Nothing to do, but if it's not gone after a night's sleep, get medical attention. If the "hit" was forceful you might notice after about 5 days a throbbing ac... Read More »

My middle finger feels like the knuckle needs to be cracked but it wont crack?

That happens to me all the time and i hate it just forget about it and leave it alone the more you try to crack it the more its going to hurt

Feels like something is stuck in my throat...?

Worst case scenario, it's a food allergy. Go to an ER if so as it could be a problem for breathing.Otherwise, stay calm, drink water. If it doesnt pass, seek help.