Tampon questions plz help me plz!?

Answer 1. no2. never3. no4. oh lord read the directions or ask your mom ugh

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Tampon questions(TSS)?

TSS is very very rare. I think you are just sore because it was your first time putting a tampon in, when I put one in for the first time it was probably the most painful experience of my life and ... Read More »

Are you sick of reading through Bush haters questions and atheists-trying- to- stump christian questions?'s very old. Let's talk about something a lot more interesting. Maybe something that people actually KNOW something about and have the authority to address it. :-)Excellent question, my friend.

How do you find talk show questions as if a person was asking Gregor Mendel questions and he was answering them?

I got a tampon....!?

drag your rear across the floor it may come out ........or get jammed up there more