Talus pone poping help meeeeeeeeeeee?

Answer Rubbing your talus pone may help it........ :-) .....

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How much does the i pone 3gs cost in Kuwait?

Using the button on the top-right of your phone. Push and release quickly just once, and your iPhone will lock.

My talus bone is hurting anoying me !!!!!!!?

The talus bone is one of the important bones in your foot, you should let a doctor examine your foot as it has been going on for so long..................

My talus bone on my left foot hurts please help !!!!?

Get an x-ray done, or consult a doctor. Due to the Talus' odd placement, it is one of the slower bones to heal. Judging that you've been able to walk and play soccer for 3 months, I'd say it's not ... Read More »

Best way to get rid of zits besides poping them?

Wash your face a lot, and don't touch your face that much... I use Clearasil acne cream and it works really well..