Tall Outdoor Plants?

Answer Successful landscaping involves the selection of plants according to local growing conditions, the mature height of the plants and their specific purpose in the landscape. Plants come in all shapes... Read More »

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Outdoor pot plants?

I have a very large yard but still grow some 200 plants in containers. We get santa ana winds through our canyon and most of the container plants do fine because the soil holds them down. Here is... Read More »

Outdoor Plants in AZ?

While areas of Arizona are known for their hot, dry climate, there are a variety of outdoor plants that thrive throughout the state. Arizona is home to the largest cactus in the country--the sagua... Read More »

Outdoor Shelves for Plants?

One way to add life to your deck or balcony is via a touch of greenery. Potted plants can give your outdoor space a fresher look, without the major maintenance requirement of a complete garden. Don... Read More »

How do you get rid of ants on outdoor plants?

I have never seen, nor have I heard of ants destroying plants or shrubs, unless they happen to be some amazonian variety of leaf cutting ants...Just what makes you think that the ants are destroyin... Read More »