Tall Fall-Blooming Asters?

Answer Stately asters live up to their Greek name meaning "star," as they can easily be the celebrities of a fall garden. With easy-to-grow varieties reaching from 3 to 5 feet tall and with a stunning arr... Read More »

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Fall Blooming Shrubs?

Shrubs that bloom in the fall season give us a little burst of color and foliage before the growing season ends. They make for a picturesque landscape during the time of year that the weather is co... Read More »

Fall Blooming Trees?

Fall colors are something many nature enthusiasts and gardeners enjoy. There are trees that add to the scenery by producing their blooms at this time of year. Flowers in white, yellow and pink are ... Read More »

Fall Blooming Trees and Plants?

The end of summer is the start of the fall blooming season. Several trees and flowering plants blossom when the weather turns cool. Planting fall-blooming trees and plants adds color and interest t... Read More »

Why do night blooming plants have less colorful flowers than day blooming plants?

Because at night there is less light, so the chlorophyll inside the plant does not give of enough wave lengths of green, so the plant in result turns out less colorful. Answer: Flowers polinated by... Read More »