Talking to you son when he is angry and confused about absent abusive father?

Answer explaining missing men in childrens liveIt is being discovered that in many more cases than realized, men have been driven out of relationships with their children because of a persistent emotional... Read More »

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How do you talk to your teenage son about the past and his abusive now absent father if your not quite sure what he remembers in the first place but you know he is angry and confused about it?

AnswerThe big thing is to first create a safe environment where he understands the topic of abuse. Things like fighting fairly, saying what you mean during a discussion, not being passive-aggressiv... Read More »

How do you talk to your son about abusive absent father?

Answer talking to childrenYou ask him questions about what he remembers in a mutually unthreatening environment (somewhere quiet and public like a park is good as social decorum keeps people calm) ... Read More »

How do you help your son regarding his absent abusive father?

Answer In Canada we have "Big Brothers" and these are men that give their time to young boys that have no fathers, absent fathers or abusive fathers. Boys need a male figure-head as I am sure you... Read More »

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