Taking shrooms after a workout?

Answer No, shrooms will make you feel more awake and alert. Just like acid (or LSD) shrooms will increase your heart rate and your blood pressure and Enhance the activity of your brain, providing you with... Read More »

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Can I do a low intensity and low volume workout while taking antibiotics for an infected tooth?

Yes, you can workout with no problem. If you had just had dental surgery you should wait, but if you are on an AB for an infection, it shouldn't cause a problem at all.

UM What are SHROOMS?

Shrooms are hallucinogenic mushrooms contain psilcybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. Shrooms are incredible and nearly non-toxic too. By incredible I mean it can be the best experience of your life or... Read More »

Do you eat or smoke shrooms?

I just did shrooms for my first time?