Taking fish oil pills, am I wasting my time?

Answer This is a good question i see a lot, so I want to take some time to address it.Here is the facts.Fish oil IS a type of fatty acid. Fatty acids store inside a fat cell, lipogenesis is the storage na... Read More »

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If you found out you're pregnant but you were taking birth control pills the whole time because you didn't know could that hurt the baby or could there be any side effects?

Answer Yes it could hurt the baby. Taking birth control pills while pregnant can cause fetal development problems, diformaties and miscarriages.

What happens if you take combined pills for the week when you should be taking your sugar pills?

its fine--you can choose when and if you want a period or not--the 3 week thing was just a pr choice when they created the pill--they wanted women to feel it was almost natural --and continued with... Read More »

If you find out from the doctor that you are pregnant would heshe keep you on birth control pills if you are already taking them or would heshe tell you to stop taking them?

Pill While Pregnant    A doctor would tell you to stop taking them immediately if you want to protect the fetus.  Birth control pills can be harmful or can have abortive properties for the fetus.

Wasting the doctors time?

How is your blood pressure when you go to the doctor?Optimally you want to be around 120/80. If it is over 140/100 then you will want to work on eating right and losing weight. You will want to add... Read More »