Taking diuretics for the rest of his life?

Answer Furosemide, a 'water pill,' is used to reduce the swelling and fluid retention caused by various medical problems, including heart or liver disease. It is also used to treat high blood pressure. It... Read More »

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How to Prepare for the Rest of Your Life?

Are you ready to face the ups and downs of life when you take your goals/dreams into action. This article will show you what to do to stay on track and make the rest of your life worth it.

One meal only for the rest of your life?

Grilled chicken, Rice, Delicious green salad, water.

If you could stay any age for the rest of your life, what age would it be?

How to Take the First Step to the Rest of Your Life?

Liking who you are is very important. If we don't accept and like ourselves, we have a very hard time believing that others can.If there are things that you don't like about yourself or parts of yo... Read More »