Taking a shower with an ankle cast?

Answer When I broke my ankle I just opted for quick daily baths instead with my broken ankle raised on the side of the bath

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After taking a shower, do you wipe the water off the shower walls?

I also use a squeegee. It is so fast and prevents soap scum and mold from growing. It also prevents you from using a lot of chemicals to clean it later on.

TSA Rules in the U.S. for a Passenger With an Ankle Cast?

Airport security screening becomes more thorough every day. Still, there's no reason why an ankle cast should add additional hassle. You can get through security with these devices in no more time ... Read More »

Is there a way i can still rock climb even with a broken ankle (in cast)?

What is the proper way to wear an air cast ankle brace?

Don't know which one you have but you can find videos on youtube that shows proper fitting:…And if they didn't want you to walk on it at all they'd put yo... Read More »