Taking a shower with an ankle cast?

Answer When I broke my ankle I just opted for quick daily baths instead with my broken ankle raised on the side of the bath

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TSA Rules in the U.S. for a Passenger With an Ankle Cast?

Airport security screening becomes more thorough every day. Still, there's no reason why an ankle cast should add additional hassle. You can get through security with these devices in no more time ... Read More »

Is there a way i can still rock climb even with a broken ankle (in cast)?

How to take a shower with a cast?

Try a couple of plastic bags (like shopping bags) put your arm in it and then tape it to stay closed. If it is not long enough try a small trash bag. Then try not to "soak" your arm with water, spl... Read More »

How do i take a shower with a cast on?

I took a bath when I had my cast on, that way I had to keep my leg out of the bath or just tape a plastic bag around your cast make sure it's water tight!