Taking-Responsibility Activities for High-School Students?

Answer High-school students are at a critical age of learning to become an adult. This independence comes with responsibilities the student must learn to handle. Teachers and counselors should take an act... Read More »

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Test-Taking Activities for High School Students?

Assessment of students' knowledge, skill and understanding has taken on a new look in recent years. Students are no longer just sitting before a ticking clock with paper-and-pencil exams, but are d... Read More »

Responsibility Activities for High School?

High school offers many activities for students to learn responsibility. High school businesses, both individual and group, help teach students about money while letting them feel a sense of respon... Read More »

Internet Activities for High School Students?

There are numerous activities designed to help high school students locate reliable information online, which can help prepare them for college and beyond. Becoming familiar with how to use the Int... Read More »

Cultural Diversity Activities for High School Students?

Students in high school need exposure to cultural diversity activities. We live in a world that is increasingly multicultural and shrinking all the time. Activities of this type better prepare high... Read More »