Taking Care of Bermuda Grass?

Answer Bermuda grass is a hearty grass that thrives in the southern United States; it doesn't require a lot of water and withstands the heat of the southern summers. Bermuda grass is a low growing grass ... Read More »

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How to Take Care of Celebrity Bermuda Grass?

Celebrity Bermuda grass is a perennial that is natural to tropical and sub-tropical zones. This type of grass is a favorite of golf courses, sports fields and parks. The Bermuda grass strain was br... Read More »

How do I kill Bermuda grass in St. Augustine grass?

Pull it UpPull up the Bermuda grass by the roots in the summer. Mark the area where the grass was with a stake as you move through the yard. If you can't get all the roots up by hand, use a small h... Read More »

Bermuda Grass Vs. Bahia Grass in Florida?

Bermuda and Bahia, both warm-season grasses, are typically planted in areas that see high temperatures and frequent drought conditions. They are not suited for planting in the Northern United State... Read More »

Can I lay bermuda grass sod over existing grass?

It is not necessary to remove existing grass before laying sod. Many experts, however, recommend removing the grass. If you don't remove the grass, there is a chance the original grass could grow t... Read More »