Take a video of your computer screen?

Answer yes indeed. Use Cam Studio. It's free you can even save your video in different formats. The download button is under the section that reads "Useful Links".I hope this helps Read More »

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How can I video my tv screen and my computer screen?

If your TV is new enough, you will have a connection in the back that resembles a computer monitor hookup (it will have the same type of plugin as a computer monitor). Otherwise you will have to p... Read More »

When I see a computer screen it does not flicker. but I take a video it does. Why?

It has to do with the refresh rate of your monitor and the settings on your video camera. The default setting on most monitors is typically 60 Hz which is also the frame rate of your camera. This... Read More »

How to film your computer screen (eg. playing video games)?

Fraps is most common but here are some other choices…

Screen Goes black when switching to full screen mode when watching video feeds ?

What has worked for me so far (knock on wood) is when you have the video in it's original size (not full screen), right click, click "settings" and then click the left-most tab on the page that com... Read More »