Take-Home Activities for Kindergarten?

Answer Homework is commonly associated with older students, however even kindergartners benefit from take-home activities to reinforce the concepts learned throughout the day. Take-home activities for kin... Read More »

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Phoneme Segmenting Home Activities for Kindergarten?

From the 26 letters of the English alphabet, the combination of individual letters make up approximately 44 phonemes, or units of sound. For example, the initial sound of the word "chair" contains ... Read More »

Home Activities to Teach Kindergarten Math?

Kindergarten is no longer about learning to socialize; concepts now include pre-first grade curriculum skill building. The math your kindergartner will encounter includes classification, counting, ... Read More »

ABC Activities for Kindergarten?

Learning the alphabet is a basic introduction to reading readiness and is often reinforced during the kindergarten school year. Creating interactive activities that are entertaining for the student... Read More »

S Activities for Kindergarten?

In preschool and in kindergarten, children are learning the fundamentals of the alphabet. his includes how to sound out letters, how to write letters and how to identify objects that begin with tha... Read More »