Tailbone muscle pain please help?

Answer The muscles around your tailbone will tighten up and while it doesn't seem to cause a lot of pain there is a lot of discomfort that goes with it. To get rid of the pain you have to free up the mus... Read More »

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Bruised tailbone Help please?

Yes, it could be bruised. Nonsurgical treatment for tailbone pain consists of medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) like Ibuprofen and other analgesics, reduced sitting... Read More »

Sharp Muscle pain Help?

What should I eat...pls help in my muscle pain..:(?

If your having pain it's a sign that your over doing the exercise reps.Turn it back a little and work your way up.Pain is telling you that there's something wrong, it's not to be ignored.In so far ... Read More »

How to Alleviate Tailbone Pain?

Tailbone pain, often diagnosed as coccydynia, can be caused by childbirth, falls, infections or fractures. Sources of coccydynia are often unknown. Tailbone pain typically occurs when a patient att... Read More »