Tadafil medicine to stop ejaculaton?

Answer Never heard of it. Practice almost coming and then stopping all motion. Stay as still as you need to for as long as you need before you start the motion back up. You will slowly build up your en... Read More »

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Is there medicine I can take to stop farting as much or as smelly?

Review what you're eating and then search for gas-causing foods. Beano is effective for many people due to it's active enzyme. You might consider taking a robust probiotic with billions of good b... Read More »

How do you stop canker sores from hearting without taking medicine.?

I am having hypertension, 130/90, on medicine, should i stop taking salt completely, not even in cooking?

salt is also necessary for your body... just control its quantity to the minimum... do not stop it...

Do I stop taking my medicine It makes me feel bloated and I feel nausea.?

Hi,Absolutely right. Please follow your doctor's instructions. In case you have any inconvenience with the medicine, please do discuss that with him.For more natural remedies visit the link below ;... Read More »