Tabs close when I click them while using Google Chrome?

Answer There may be many reasons to take this error bring about. So it's complex to explain why. I think you just need a solution to this problem. The most easy way is to reinstall your Google Chrome. If ... Read More »

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How come when i search something on Google then click the link it opens up a new page(Google Chrome Browser)?

its in the search search something (anything!), then go to the options wrench (on the side), then click on search settings, then uncheck the box that says Where results open: Open e... Read More »

Google Chrome opening new tabs, How to turn off ?

first of all can go to the Chrome setting and click help icon all information u can collect about this topic.Thank u

When I click on my google chrome shortcut on my desktop?

I think Vinay is right. You just need to set your default home page. A lot of people use their favorite search engine, news site, facebook or email. I use google. Here is how you set your start... Read More »

Google chrome opens a new tab every time i click a link?