Tabasco or wasabi?

Answer Tobasco.

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Is tabasco supposed to be sour I tried tabasco today, not only was it spicy, but it was reaaaly sour. Normal?

Tobasco is made from cayenne peppers, and vinegar (sour)

Facts on Tabasco, Mexico?

The Mexican state of Tabasco has a rich history and a vibrant culture. The state is popular with tourists, many of whom visit the area in order to see a number of fascinating historical landmarks. ... Read More »

How to Make a Tabasco Plant Spray?

Pests are very dangerous to plants in your house. This is a very great spray solution, good for aphids, mealy bugs, etc. including ants! This is a great spray solution, environment friendly and you... Read More »

Do Americans use Tabasco sauce for spaghetti bolognese Or Italians?

No. If spiciness were wanted, the Italians would use red pepper flakes to impart a 'heat' different than Tabasco. (Americans, too.)