TV's: LED,LCD, or OLED?

Answer I wouldnt say the picture quality is unmatched. Clarity of the picture comes down to mainly one thing: resolution. So unless the tv youre speaking of has a resolution greater than 1080p I would dis... Read More »

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How is white oled tv more cost effective compare to standard oled tv Tech reviews are claiming that white oled tv is more cost effective than standard oled tv please explain it?

White OLED refers to the LG technique of adding a white LED to the red, green and blue LEDs in their OLED display panels. LG claim that it produces more faithful reproduction than just using red, g... Read More »

Which company OLED TV will be hitting the market first So many companies are in the line of producing OLED TV in the market Which company OLED TV will be the first one to get released?

LG has stated their OLED TV will be released in early Q3 2012. Samsung has indicated there release will be in Q2.

Which company is leading in the oled technology race and going to launch the thinnest oled tv?

To date only LG and Samsung have shown their OLED TVs at the CES this year and they will come in the market somewhere near the end of this year for sale to consumers. LG was the brand which launche... Read More »

What is the reason that makes OLED TV need only little power to operate I heard that OLED TV uses less power than the other LCD TVs when compared What makes them so power efficient?

OLED TV works on pixel emission concept and not on the backlight concept. So it takes less amount of power as compare LCD TV.