TV without HDMI and Apple TV?

Answer You have to see if Apple has or will have an HDMI to other adapter cable. That is the only way apart from buying a not so cheap HDMI to analog converter box (which may not pass HDCP content).

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Do Apple laptops have HDMI connectors?

Apple laptops do not have HDMI ports built-in to the body of the computers. However the laptops do come with a DVI port that is capable of connecting to an HDMI port on a TV or other monitor with a... Read More »

Can an HDMI to DVI then DVI to HDMI adaptor work to remove HDCP from HDMI sources?

It won't work .. or at least not in HD.HDCP requires the end device to be HDCP compatible and to prove it to the originating device (verizon cable box). By converting HDMI to DVI you are a) not ch... Read More »

Can you use an HDMI cable without an HD TV?

What would you use the High Def cable on? Your normal TV's do not have a connection for it. If you want to say play the xbox on a computer screen, then yes as long as the screen has an input for it... Read More »

Hooking a Blu-Ray player up without HDMI?

Go into the blu ray's set up menu and configure it to match your output. They come set up for HDMI.