TV will not power up Phillips 43p841?

Answer want power up

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My phillips tv will not turn on after power surge?

trouble on power suppy.......maybe fuse .…if it was blown....replace with a same type...if the new blew....there is a short on tv service .

Your iphone will not power up it will not turn on when i push the power button?

Will this power supply damage my Router or will the power supply go up in smoke?

12v to 5v that is to low it will not work properly.Probably enough to bring lights on but not to workThis will not harm the linksys so try if you wanthigher volts is the killer.Edit seen your ad... Read More »

What do I check next when my Canon power shot 630 Camera Will not power up?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. Canon OEM would mean that the parts would be specifically made by Canon and not by a third party manufacturer.