TV glows at night even when no power is going to it?

Answer The old cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs work by having a phosphor coating on the inside of the TV such that, when an electron beam strikes it, it glows a certain color. This creates the individual pixel... Read More »

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What does it mean when your raw chicken glows?

Chicken meat that glows in the dark or in the refrigerator may indicate the presence of the light-producing bacteria Pseudomonas phosphorescens. This particular bacteria is common in meat products ... Read More »

How to Tell if Something Glows in the Dark?

It's not particularly useful to know if something glows in the dark, but it's fun (and easy).

How to Have Skin that Glows Like a Goddess?

The glare of the lights, professional make up artists and perfect glowing skin are all ingredients to that goddess quality that movie stars seem to emanate. If you have ever found yourself envious ... Read More »

What planet has an ocean that glows in space?

The Earth's oceans can appear to glow. Some phytoplankton, such as dinoflagellates, are bioluminescent and emit a fluorescent light. When these group up together in large numbers, the water appears... Read More »