TV choice: Samsung DLP @ $1160, Sony 3LCD @ $1300, or Sony XSRD @ $1700?

Answer I just bought the KDS-50A2000 and I am very pleased. There may be a few downsides, like the bulbs burning out. They cost around 250$ dollars to replace but it is easily done. Simply remove a cov... Read More »

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Is the Sony Alpha A77 a good choice for a hobbyist?

1) Bad RAW files: It's not the class leader, but it's not so bad either. Unless most of your time is spent shooting in low light it's a total non-issue.2) The loss from the permanent mirror is ... Read More »

Is Sony Dcr-sr300 a good choice for a camcorder?

I like any Sony products. this particular one I do not know of but if you like it that's what counts. have fun!!

Samsung LCD VS Sony LCD?

get the sony tv it has very good quality picture for ps3,tv and blu-raythat's a sweet deal i bought mine when it just came out for 599$also make sure you get a hdmi cable for gaming!

Are sony lcd TVs better than samsung lcd TVs?

Sony and Samsung LCD TVs are fairly on par with each other. Sonys tend to be a bit more expensive and have a nicer aesthetic design, but their picture quality is about the same as that of Samsung.