TV Repair Zenith DIY?

Answer Your Zenith TV isn't immune from problems that directly impact your viewing experience, and repairs for your TV set may be necessary. While you can resort to hiring a professional TV repairman to s... Read More »

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Zenith TV Repair Tips?

Televisions usually run effectively with little error, but occasionally a problem or set of problems can befall a TV set. In such times, repair is a necessary evil, but you don't have to outsource ... Read More »

Where can you find parts or a repair facility for a Zenith Z1819JZ black white TV?

HistoryOne of the earliest examples of remote control was developed in 1898 by Nikola Tesla, and described in his patent, U.S. Patent 613,809, named Method of an Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism... Read More »

What is the zenith in the sky?

The term "zenith" is used to relate a particular orientation. It is a variable reference point, varying depending upon the location of the observer, similar to the orientations of left and right.Lo... Read More »

Who manufactures Zenith TVs?

Zenith televisions are made by the Zenith Electronics Corp., which is a brand of LG Electronics, as of its acquisition in the 1990s. LG Electronics is part of the larger conglomerate LG Group.Refer... Read More »