TV Or computer which is worse?

Answer Computer would be much much much worse, if you use a computer, you are sitting right infront of it, and you mentioned the word "ALOT" so that would be much much worse than you think, if you go on a... Read More »

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Is Firefox the worse thing to have on a computer?

Whats worse: Your computer messed up or your refrigerator?

Computer of course.. Then i wouldnt have anything to do with my days.. !! I wouldnt be able to talk to ALL my friends.. LOL.

Does staying on a computer for long periods of time make your acne worse?

Well, it can, depending on what you are doing. If your doing something like studdying, it most definitely can. This is because the body produces extra seebum when stressed, thus making the acne w... Read More »

Do VHS tapes play MUCH worse or only slightly worse when played on a flat screen tv instead of a tube tv?

VHS tapes have maybe 220 lines of resolution. The best way to hook one of these up to a mondern TV is to use a yellow composite cable. It will turn that 220 lines into 480 lines. This signal wil... Read More »