T.V. Number of viewers stats?

Answer There is a company that gives out boxes to households that are representative of the population as a whole. Every memeber of the household has a separate control where they log which channel they'r... Read More »

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Which is the most popular sitcom show in the US by number of viewers?

Cris Pual is the best point guard because look at his stats. He made the fantasy point guard and he was number 1?

life guard at any local kiddie pool, cant be deeper than 4 ft.

How do viewers like the new two and a half men?

I like it a lot. Dont get me wrong, I love charlie sheen. But I really enjoy the new season! It opened the show up to tons of possibilities. Not to mention ashton kutchers character is hilarious, a... Read More »

Which has more viewers csi Miami or csi ny?

hahahahaha csi miami obvviously.. it's been one of the #1 shows in the world since its aired in 2002 :) love it!