TV IMAGE PROBLEMS - When we turned the TV on the colour was distorted. Any ideas how to fix?

Answer May be a few disrepairs:1-no work loop of demagnetization,2-break of the coil deviate system,3-no power supply of the line scanning module.I can help you,but is not enough informations.More-by e-ma... Read More »

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What causes the image to be distorted when you turn the camera on?

My tv is has turned a funny green colour?

you cant uve probably wrecked the tube with a magnet

When i turned my computer on this morning irs gone a kinda yellowy colour.Anyone know how i can sort this.Im?

Here are the possibilities:Shut off your computer. Make sure all your cables are tight. Your cable from the video card to the monitor, and the monitor power cable.Your video card (if not onboard vi... Read More »

What is digital colour image processing?

It is the processing (changing) of color images using a computer.