TV Coax cable switch?

Answer Your cable company may be feeding you a line. Though it is a good idea to have AS FEW BREAKS in the cable from the box outside your house to your actual modem or TV, a splitter or two won't usuall... Read More »

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Coax Satellite Cable split to two tv's (same picture is ok), can I use a splitter or do I need a switch?

A splitter will work fine, as long as you split the output of the box that goes to the tv. You can't split the input to the cable/satellite box. If the picture has noise or static in it after you... Read More »

What is the difference between coax cable and hd coax cable?

Ok, very confusing subject hope not to confuse you more. There is an HD cable but it is not called an hd coax cable (no such thing). It would be called an HDMI cable. They are pretty expensive when... Read More »

Which are a higher standard for sound, a DIGITAL COAX cable or TOSLINK cable?

The ones and zeros are the same so both are identical.BUT - you might want to run 6 analog component cables from the DVD player to the processor/amp.The new un-compressed audio tracks on BluRay dis... Read More »

What is a rg6 coax cable?

Many RG-type cables are available, but RG6 cables are among the most common. They are a type of coaxial ("coax") cable used for many indoor wiring jobs in both homes and businesses.DesignationRG st... Read More »