TV Antennas, what is the best one to purchase?

Answer One that picks up signals..

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Why car antennas are as long as TV antennas?

The length of an antenna is based on what frequency it is designed to send or receive. The higher the freq. the shorter the antenna. For instance, cell phone antennas are very short while AM radio ... Read More »

If you purchase a vehicle for your son but your ex-wife has custody are you liable if they do not purchase insurance?

Answer If the car is in your name you are responsible not your ex wife. she would be liable if the car was in her name.

Some help with antennas?

Your old TV probably doesn't have a digital tuner, so you will need a converter box installed between the antenna and TV. Used ones are cheap. Second, go to Read More »

How to Hook Up Old Antennas to a CB?

CB radio reception depends on signal strength, so an antenna connection is essential. If you have an old antenna to connect, it must have a coaxial jack compatible with a PL 259 connector, which is... Read More »