TSA Checked Luggage Rules?

Answer The Transportation Security Administration designates rule and regulations for airline travel that travelers must abide by. Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, the ... Read More »

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How big can my checked luggage be?

The normal size limit for airlines is 62 inches linear: height plus width plus depth. An average sized suitcase is 28 inches high by 21 inches wide and has a depth of 12 inches, which adds up to 61... Read More »

Do they X-ray checked luggage?

Every piece of luggage, both carry-on and checked baggage, passes through X-ray machines before being placed onto an airplane. Checked baggage passes through a machine called an Explosive Detection... Read More »

Is luggage checked all the way?

There are different factors that determine whether or not your luggage will be checked all the way to your final destination. These include airline changes; some layovers; and, for those traveling ... Read More »

Can I put hairspray in my checked luggage?

TSA permits you to travel with hairspray in your checked luggage. Personal care or toiletries contained in aerosol cans in limited quantities may also be carried in your checked luggage, according ... Read More »